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Our promise to you

At Dutch Maid Cleaners we guarantee that we will handle your garments with the utmost care. We do our very best to remove all stains from your garment and then press it so that it looks as good as possible for you to wear with pride.   

 We pride ourselves in personal service and attention to each customer’s needs and specifications. We make it a priority to know the names of each customer that comes through our door.   

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is a chemical process which cleans garments without water. We can remove almost any stain from silk, cotton, linen, rayon, etc.

Pre-treating your garment at home can often make a stain more difficult to remove.  

We also specialize in special garments such as: 

  • Church Vestments 
  • Choir robes
  • Band Uniforms 
  •  Leather & Suede Cleaning*

 *Leather and Suede garments are sent to our leather company in Oconomowoc.  

Shirt Laundry

Shirts are laundered and pressed to give a sharp, crisp look for today’s businessperson. Shirts can be starched to your preference, and then hung or folded and boxed.  

Household Items

We can also clean household items such as:

  • bedding
  • table linens
  • draperies
  • curtains
  • feather pillows
  • Rugs

 Our rugs (any size) are sent out to be professionally cleaned by a service provider in Oconomowoc, WI.  


We offer a wide range of tailoring services: from replacing buttons and zippers to hemming trousers or altering suits and dresses.

Tailoring also includes military insignia, letter jackets, and other patchwork.   

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

We offer two options for cleaning your special occasion dresses:

  • Cleaning and pressing which is done at our Delavan location, 
  • Preservation: Your dress is cleaned and packed into a vacuum-sealed box to keep it protected.